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    Crystal started the conversation

    I'm really new to the whole CSS styling however I like you app and I'm trying to make it look like nice I seen an example on YouTube how he has the different  colors and there was like a box that had the name of the team then it had scrolling ticker I was trying to see how to change the background color and font family code. 

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    Joe replied

    Thanks for creating the ticket. I'm assuming the ticker you're trying to display is the one above "The Kingdom Grind Experience"?

    In order to make use of the mega ticker you need to create tickers (however you'd like). Then create another ticker (or use the ticker you are displaying on the front page) and set the Type to Mega and the add/select your other tickers within the Tickers field. Then switch to the Mode tab and select Mega Scroll as the Mode. Make sure you are displaying this ticker on your front page then.

    Once you have this setup I'll get you the css specific to your ticker to make the background change for each ticker that scrolls through.